Remarkable books, remarkable gifts
Remarkable books, remarkable gifts

11 Books to Give this Holiday

11 Books to Give this Holiday

From the armchair traveler to the eternal super fan, gift these beautiful books as unique and wonderful as the people in your lives this holiday season. 

1. Remarkable Books

Remarkable Books

Remarkable Books is a beautifully illustrated guide to more than 75 of the world's most celebrated, rare, and seminal books and handwritten manuscripts ever produced, with discussions of their purpose, features, and creators.

2. Natural Wonders of the World

Discover Earth's most beautiful and fascinating natural landmarks in Natural Wonders of the World. From the spectacular granite domes of Yosemite to the reefs of the Bahama Banks and the ice sheets of the Antarctic, this is an unparalleled survey of the world's natural treasures.

3. Journey


Journey is an illustrated account of human movement, travel, exploration, and scientific discovery-from the first trade networks in ancient Sumer to the epic Voyager missions.

4. Bollywood


Bollywood is a visual tour of the glamour and color of Indian cinema in the only comprehensive illustrated guide to the world of Bollywood movies.

5. Artists


Artists is a visual celebration of more than 80 great masters, from the Early Renaissance to the present day.

6. The Science of Cooking

Science of Cookin

The Science of Cooking answers to all your cooking science questions. Cook tastier, more nutritious food using fundamental principles, practical advice, and step-by-step techniques.

7. Animal


With more than 1 million copies sold, this updated and revised celebration of Animal features photos and descriptions of over 2,000 species and habitats.

8. The Astronomy Book

Astronomy Book

The Astronomy Book is the newest in the award-winning Big Ideas Simply Explained series. It is an essential guide to milestone developments in astronomy, telling the story of our ideas about space, time, and the physics of the cosmos-from ancient times to the present day.

9. DC Comics Justice League: The Ultimate Guide

A must-have for fans, DC Comics Justic League: The Ultimate Guide showcases major in-world events in the Justice League's pulsating story, spanning nearly 60 years of comic book history, and is packed with info on the team's allies, enemies, bases, origins, and more.

10. Star Wars™ Made Easy

Star Wars Made Easy

Don't know your Wookiees from your Wampas? If the Star Wars saga has you stumped, we've got your back. Star Wars Made Easy gives you everything you need to get you around the galaxy.

11. Ultimate Marvel

Ultimate Marvel is the definitive in-world guide to the Marvel Comics Universe features, in chronological order, every significant Marvel Comic character, location, vehicle, and weapon in the company's illustrious history.

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