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By Michelle Wong

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About The Science of Beauty

Get the facts about the biggest beauty and skincare trends from Instagram’s cosmetic chemist Dr. Michelle Wong.

Can tweakments do me any harm? Does deodorant cause breast cancer? Does eating chocolate give you acne? Do I need to wear sunscreen every day? What exactly is in my serum? Are collagen supplements the fountain of youth? What's the best way to fade scars? And is "clean beauty" as healthy as it sounds?

The Science of Beauty reveals the truth behind the bold marketing claims and viral TikTok trends and tells you what you really need to know about the products you use every day, form good habits, and learn what really works. Decipher the ingredients that make up your favorite shampoo, find out the facts about tweakments and chemical peels, and discover whether beauty brands can ever be truly sustainable.

Featuring over 100 frequently asked questions, informative graphics, and backed up by the latest research, cosmetic chemist and science educator Dr. Michelle Wong (a.k.a. Lab Muffin Beauty Science) has the answers we need to make the most of our beauty and body-care routines.