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Published by DK

By Philippa Kaye

Read by Philippa Kaye

RRP: $19.99

About Breasts

Become body literate with Breasts: An owner's guide, the first in an enlightening series of books that democratize health for a new generation of readers. 

Breasts is an informative, practical, and engaging introduction to understanding and caring for our most mythologized and objectified body part. This conversation-starting book focuses on breasts through lived experience, revealing essential things to know right now and what to expect tomorrow.

Author Dr Philippa Kaye is both your GP and your friend, who believes everyone has a right to know their body. Dr Philippa tells it like it is, translating medical jargon into simple, witty prose, answering frequently asked patient queries, and investigating what we love, fear, and most misunderstand about our mammaries. 

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- A 10-step chapter structure to understanding and loving your breasts.
- Explores the breast’s full lifespan and applies science to the everyday.
- Easy-to-follow, with simple Q&As, how-to guides, and mythbusters; plus insightful diagrams and infographics.
- Newly commissioned explanatory illustrations bring fresh light to the topic.

From regular self-checks and bra fitting advice, to sports, breastfeeding and what to do when things go wrong – this taboo-tackling book applies science to the everyday, with simple illustrations, checklists, FAQs, and myth busters, all supported by the latest medical research. Breasts won’t just help you to better understand your body, it might even change your life.