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Published by DK

By Jaz O'Hara

Foreword by David Olusoga, Gulwali Passarlay

RRP: $25.00

About Asylum Speakers

"Asylum Speakers is truly an anthology of humanity. It's a reminder of how much we all have in common and that each of us has an equal right to be safe." - Josie Naughton, founder of Choose Love

Based on the popular podcast, Asylum Speakers is a collection of 31 stories of migration, from those leaving everything they know behind them, to those working alongside them.

Here are the voices that often go unheard: the humans behind the statistics and the headlines. From Syria to Venezuela, Eritrea to Afghanistan, Asylum Speakers will transcend borders, nationalities, religions and languages, connecting you to the people with whom we share this world.

"These stories are raw, powerful, intimate, at times hard to read but always full of humanity. Reading this book gives me hope." - Giles Duley, CEO of Legacy of War Foundation