Andres Valencia

Hardback cover of Andres Valencia

Published by DK

By Andres Valencia, Alexander M. Rigby, Andres Valencia

RRP: $40.00

About Andres Valencia

In 2021, Andres became the youngest artist in history to showcase his work at Art Miami, where his large-scale portrait paintings informed by Cubism quickly sold out. He has since taken the creative world by storm, selling dozens of paintings for six-figure sums and sharing videos of his paintings-in-process with hundreds of thousands of fans online.

Andres Valencia: Painting Without Rules tells the story of this remarkable self-taught artist and sheds light on his creative process—what inspires him, how he executes his artwork, and what creativity means to him as a young person. You’ll get an inside look as Andres works in his studio—mixing paint, sketching with oil pastels, and expressing his imagination on the canvas—until the large, wildly unique faces and bodies he’s known for come into form.

An inspiring and heartwarming look at one of the most accomplished young artists in the world, this boldly colorful coffee table book features a gallery of over 100 of Andres’ works and can be enjoyed by both casual creatives and serious artists of any age.