Children's Book of Music

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Published by DK Children

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About Children's Book of Music

The Children's Book of Music encourages young people to discover the power of music and be inspired by the music from cultures all over the world.

In this clear and lively introduction to music history, the book takes a chronological journey around the world, exploring the sounds and rhythms of different cultures, the development of instruments, and the progression of musical styles. From the beginnings of music for ritual or magical purposes to the technological developments that have taken modern music in new directions, the fascinating history of how music has become an international exchange of ideas.
This book simply explains how instruments are played and how composers have written music to express their feelings, and demystifies the language of music. Included are profiles of the fascinating lives, inspirations, and achievements of great composers and international performers, and timelines tracing the influences and roots of classical periods and modern popular music. A deeper appreciation of music is encouraged further, by "try it yourself ' activities and suggested lists of music to listen to.

Give your child the gift of music with the Children's Book of Music!