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Published by DK

RRP: $35.00

About Concise World Atlas

Packed with more than 640 high-definition maps and over 950 illustrations and diagrams, this is the ultimate world atlas.

Fully revised and updated to encompass recent world events, DK's Concise World Atlas meets the challenge of providing comprehensive global mapping in an accessible format at a very competitive price.

First published in 2001 and now in its 8th edition, this extensive atlas is an invaluable reference for home, school, and office. The opening section is a fascinating introduction to our world with a series of maps that illustrate its physical, political, economic, and demographic geography.

The main section is a series of beautifully clear and concise maps that give a superb overview of the world's continents. Each page contains a wealth of extra information that helps to separate this atlas from so many others, including inset maps, photographs and text to help give a real flavour of the geography and culture of a region. New information in this edition includes everything from revised country names, such as eSwatini for Swaziland, to updated country statistics and population numbers.

Linking all of this together is a fully cross-referenced index containing 80,000 place names, making Concise World Atlas a truly in-depth portrait of our planet.