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Published by DK

By Wardeh Harmon

RRP: $19.99

About Fermenting

Everything you need to master the age-old art of fermentation from home!

From kombucha and kefir to sourdough and kimchi, this cookbook is your go-to guide for safe fermentation and discovering the science of probiotic foods.

This newly revised edition covers the amazing health benefits of fermented foods and the techniques for safely fermenting food at home. It includes:

- More than 100 recipes for ferments of all types, including beverages, cultured dairy, fermented grains, vegetable ferments, and much more
- Helpful insights on the tools and techniques you'll need to know to safely create nearly any type of fermented food
- Expert guidance from Wardeh Harmon on how fermentation works, how to troubleshoot common fermentation issues, and how to grow your own starters

Fermented foods are currently experiencing a renaissance. People are discovering not only the health benefits of live-culture foods but also the true pleasure of creating their own fermentations at home. The diverse chapters in this recipe book cover everything from the history of fermentation to common fermentation recipes for vegetables, fruits, grains, and even alcoholic beverages.

This authoritative guide features a wide range of DIY fermentation projects that allow you to progress from simple fermented condiments like chutneys and mayonnaise to more advanced techniques such as fermenting meats and fish. Fermenting will give you all the tools you need to start making your own delicious cultured food right away and help you ease into this exciting hobby!

It's the perfect book for anyone who has thought about trying to ferment their own food.