Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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Published by Alpha

By Dr. Jayme Albin, Eileen Bailey, Dr. Steven Brodsky

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About Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Improve your outcomes by adjusting your thinking and changing your behavior

Did you know you have the ability to change your thinking and control your actions from the inside out? Whether you suffer from an anxiety disorder or OCD, you struggle with diet or substance abuse, or you're simply unhappy with the results you're getting in life, congnitive behavioral therapy can teach you how to think and act more constructively.

The pages in this book offer the tools you need to learn how to improve your outcomes in life simply by changing the ways in which you think.

Discover powerful tools to identify and overcome self-defeating patterns, effective techniques for coping with anger issues, depression, and anxiety, helpful exercises for developing a realistic and positive attitude, and so much more!

Keep the setbacks at bay, stay focused on your goals, and enjoy the results of your new outlook on life!