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Published by Alpha

By Bee Locke

RRP: $16.99

About Creative Woodburning

Projects, patterns, and instructions to get crafty with pyrography

If you're a woodcrafter and you're looking for something new and different to do with wood, try pyrography. With the techniques, you'll use a heated pyrographic pen to draw on wood. And Creative Woodburning can help you jump into this hot new craft. This book features:

* An easy introduction to pyrography systems, pen types, pen tips, and basic woodburning supplies needed to get started
* Techniques for how to use a variety of pen tips, temperatures, and strokes
* 100 patterns--from animals and nature to lettering to geometric and scroll designs
* 20 step-by-step projects

Social media has been filling up with woodburning images from all abilities of woodcrafters and woodworkers. With this book, you can also share your talents with the world. You won't find a better technique or book that gives you a safe yet fun and creative way to play with fire.