Make It a Summer of STEAM

Make It a Summer of STEAM

Looking for summer programming or just something to keep your child busy while school is out? These STEAM-themed projects taken from DK books will keep them learning, and will help them go “full STEAM ahead” into the next school year.

Do an egg-speriment | Look I’m a Cook | Ages 3-7

With supervision by and help from an adult, little ones can learn a lot about science in the kitchen. In this “egg-speriment” from Look I’m a Cook, they can learn where eggs come from, what’s inside an egg, what happens when they are cooked, and how to make their own, whether boiled or fried.

Turn some heads | How to be a Scientist | Ages 7–10

Kids can learn the physics behind bending light with this super awesome flip the picture project from How to be a Scientist. Watch author Steve Mould to see how it’s done:


Build a box robot | Out of the Box | Ages 7-10

Take kids on a crafty trip into the future with this cardboard robot build from Out of the Box, which is packed with craft ideas and projects to spark their creativity and imagination and get them thinking “out of the box.” Watch the video below or download the step-by-step instructions to see how it’s done.


Make a breathing machine | Maker Lab | Ages 8-12

Kids can make their own breathing machine using household items including a soda bottle, straws, and a balloon to construct model lungs and show how some vital parts of the body work. See how scientist and Maker Lab author Jack Challoner does it in the video below:


CODE! | Coding Games in Scratch | Ages 8-12

Computer coding knowledge is one of the most valuable skills for anyone to have. With the video below and, using Coding Games in Scratch, kids can learn the basics and build their own cheese chase maze game.


If you're encouraging a younger child to code, this offline coding game from Thinkersmith® called My Robotic Friends, is a great place to start. It teaches the basic concepts of programming and is played in groups, making it even more fun. Watch the video below to see how it’s done and then download these printables to start playing.


Discover the elements in everyday objects | The Elements Book | Ages 8-12

Everything in nature is made up of simple substances called elements, so they're an essential part of objects we use every day. This fun quiz will have kids guessing which elements make up smartphone batteries, toasters, water filters, TV screens, and more. Then they can read The Elements Book to discover even more amazing real-world connections.

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