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Let’s Knit! Learn how to make a slipknot and cast on

Let’s Knit! Learn how to make a slipknot and cast on

Ready to begin a knitting project? The first thing to do is to make a slipknot so that your yarn is secured onto the needle.

Here are five simple steps to create the perfect first stitch. Make sure to download the spread so you can follow along!

  1. Lay your yarn flat and make a loop at the end of your yarn.
  2. Make another loop by bringing the yarn through the first loop (don’t use the tail, use the end that is closest to the ball).
  3. Keep pulling the new loop until it is big enough for your needle to go through it.
  4. Put your needle through the new loop and start pulling the end of the yarn.
  5. Keep pulling until the loop is tight enough to stay on the needle!

Slipknots take some time to master, so keep practicing and don’t give up!

After creating a slipknot, it is time to cast on.

Download the helpful guide to see the four steps of casting on.

  1. Make sure the slipknot is the tight on the needle and hold the yarn in your left hand.
  2. Hold the needle in your right hand and wrap the yarn around the front of your left thumb.
  3. Put the needle through the loop on your thumb. Gently lift the yarn off your thumb, and the loop will slip onto the needle.
  4. Pull the yarn tight so the loop is right next to the slipknot. Keep going until you have all the stitches you need—make sure to count your stitches!

Now that you know how to cast on, you’re ready to start knitting! Check out Let’s Knit for fun and easy-to-follow knitting projects.

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Perfect for beginner knitters, Let's Knit explains how to master the basics. Clear, straightforward Read more

Perfect for beginner knitters, Read more

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