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Published by DK Children

By Brendan Kearney

RRP: $16.99

About Adventures with Finn and Skip: Bird

An exciting tale about tackling climate change to protect the animals

Grown-ups and children can enjoy this gentle and imaginative story together, all about the environmental concerns facing our wildlife. Follow the tale of Finn and Skip as they go on a hang-gliding adventure up in the clouds - when all of a sudden Finn’s map gets caught around a swan’s neck! 

Introduce 3-5 year-olds to the importance of protecting the environment with this illustrated storybook about climate change and its effects on animals. The ups and downs of this story shows us all the different ways we can help our birds and the environment, through Finn and Skip’s adventure. 

This heart-warming climate change story:

- Features lots of practical tips for taking care of the planet, like cycling instead of taking cars, planting trees, and even growing their own vegetables
- Taps into growing eco-awareness trend, and shows the benefits of making sustainable decisions
- Is perfect for adults and children to share together, as it prompts a wider conversation about the environment
- Is charming, humorous, and emotionally gripping, which helps to make this quite frightening subject matter more approachable

With its playful, quirky illustrations, Bird will empower young readers with passion and drive. This inspiring and fun story will help children realize that there is hope to protect our valuable wildlife after all.

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