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Published by DK Children

By Shauna Edson, Giles Sparrow

RRP: $16.99

About Mars

This ultimate guide to Mars launches 7–9 year olds on a breathtaking journey through the past, present, and future of the Red Planet with stunning illustrations, photographs, and fascinating information.

Has there ever been life on Mars? Will we be living there soon? How? Discover the past, present, and future of the mysterious Red Planet in this beautiful nonfiction book for kids. It explores the evidence for past life on Mars, what's happening there now, and what it might look like to one day live on the Red Planet. Be amazed by the tallest mountain in the solar system, discover how houses on Mars could look, and find out if you've got what it takes to join the teams traveling to Mars in the future.

Packed with fun illustrations by artist Mark Ruffle, combined with images from space agencies such as NASA and ESA, information panels, and diagrams, children will adore this essential guide to the Red Planet. This reissue has been created to ensure the facts and information are up to date with the latest science and technology.