King Charles III

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Published by DK Children

By Andrea Mills

Illustrated by Jennie Poh

RRP: $12.99

About King Charles III

Celebrate Britain's newest monarch, King Charles III, and uncover his fascinating story in this kids' biography, from the publisher that brought you Queen Elizabeth: A Platinum Jubilee Celebration.

After 70 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign, Prince Charles became the 62nd British monarch. He has been heir to the throne since he was three years old, but what do we know about our new king? Come along as we embark on a royal journey like no other...

This incredible book traces Charles' life, from his investiture as Prince of Wales and his time in the navy, to his extensive charity work and now his accession to the throne. Going beyond just the basic facts, young readers will love learning astounding, lesser-known information like how before becoming King, Charles was a magician, as well as what being king really entails.

Delightfully playful illustrations with simple, age-appropriate text fill every page to make this the perfect gift to mark King Charles III's reign and celebrate his coronation!