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Published by DK Eyewitness Travel

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About ¡Viva Mexico!

There's so much to love about Mexico. Indigenous traditions stretching back millennia; colourful cuisine that's loved the world over; and vibrant festivals bursting with joyful energy. Mexico is a country worth celebrating - and that's exactly what ¡Viva Mexico! is all about.

Within its pages, you'll discover the rich diversity of this vast country. Uncover its varied natural landscapes, which stretch from white-sand beaches to jungle-cloaked mountains; explore its vibrant cuisine and how it differs greatly from region to region; and learn about its ever-changing cycle of colourful feasts and fiestas. The book also covers Day of the Dead traditions, how staples of Mexican food have changed as they've travelled the globe, and how pioneering filmmakers continue to influence the world of cinema.

Throughout, you'll unearth the unshakable ties that link this diverse country together, whether it's the importance of family, a love of chilis or simply the desire to keep chatting around the table long after dinner has finished. So, get ready to learn what makes Mexico so special - ¡viva Mexico! Long live Mexico!