The Vietnam War

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About The Vietnam War

The definitive telling of one of the longest and most controversial wars in US history.

Delve into the compelling history and impact of the Vietnam War in reverting detail. This authoritative visual guide unpacks accounts of struggle, sacrifice, and bravery, making this a perfect read for any military history enthusiast.

Inside the pages of this retelling of America's bloodiest conflict, you'll discover:

- A vivid, moving, and informative read written in an engaging style.
- A clear and compelling account of the conflict, in short, self-contained events from the Battle of Ia Drang to the Tet Offensive and The Khmer Rouge.
- Biography pages highlight major military and political figures such as Henry Kissinger, President Nixon, General Thieu, and Ho Chi Minh.
- Features on everyday life in the war offering additional context.
- Stunning image double page features display weapons, spy gear, and other equipment that defined the war.
- Maps and feature boxes provide additional information on significant events during the conflict.

Created in association with the Smithsonian Institution, this history book for adults is an authoritative history of both the first televised war and its lasting impact through the lenses of both sides of the conflict. The Vietnam War explores all aspects of the conflict and the wider political landscape using compelling text, maps, and archive photography of collections of weapons, aircraft, and armored vehicles.

The military techniques and conduct employed against the inferior technologies of the Viet Cong remain controversial and intriguing to date. Eyewitness accounts and iconic photographs bring events to life - from the background of the conflict to the incidents that drew America into Vietnam, the chronological event