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Published by DK

By Alex Silver-Fagan

RRP: £12.99

About Get Strong For Women

Empower your body and mind with this wonderful workout book and begin your journey to becoming your highest and strongest self.

Ladies, want to know what your body is really capable of? Then look no further than Get Strong for Women - an all-encompassing and easy-to-follow fitness guide to strength training, providing you with ample tools to burn fat, build muscle, and achieve the body of your dreams!

With power in every page, this fitness book features:

-60 step-by-step exercise instructions with accompanying photographs
-3 x 12-week workout programmes tailored to your fitness needs
-A handy nutritional guide to managing macros and fueling your workout

From dumbbells to deadlifts, barbells to box-jumps, this fitness book for females covers all you need to know about strength training and all of its many benefits, such as producing muscle mass; burning calories; improving your heart health and boosting energy levels.

A must-have volume for women who want to achieve a fitter and leaner physique, Get Strong for Women is your go-to guide for building your body and shaping your muscles like never before, and you'll learn a thing or two about anatomy training along the way.

Whether it's toning glutes, sculpting abs or shaping your shoulders, author, personal trainer and strength coach Alex Silver-Fagan features fitness programmes and gym workouts that can be tailored to your individual fitness needs within this weight-training book.

Fancy a new you this New Year but don't know where to start? With over 107,000 followers on Instagram, Alex Silver-Fagan empowers women to become their strongest selves every single day, and encourages you to join the journey today. Remember to lift heavy, train hard, and see results!

It'll be worth the weight!