Balance Your Life

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Published by DK

By Jodie Kidd, Amélie Khellaf

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"'A fad-free plan that's low on sugar and great for weight loss.'"

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About Balance Your Life

Join Jodie Kidd to get fit, eat well, and take control of your life with this exercise and eating programme for busy people, specially devised by French personal trainer and nutritionist Amélie Khellaf-Govett, who was voted one of London's top fitness coaches by Tatler in 2016 and 2017.

TV presenter and former international supermodel Jodie Kidd follows the programme at her home, with Amélie showing her how to fit it around her busy life. With Balance Your Life you too can do this, and benefit from Amélie's motivational coaching, time-efficient workout routines, and deliciously simple and nutritious way of eating. Like Jodie, who shares her experience throughout, you'll find that this is a programme you can stick to. And when you get to the end of six weeks, Amélie gives you foolproof strategies for moving forward.

Weekly eating plans are accompanied by simple flavoursome recipes, plus six favourites from Jodie. Easy-to-follow home exercise programmes are explained with step-by-step photography. We all yearn for a calmer, healthier, more balanced life - Amélie's plan promises this. That's the reason why she's London's go-to personal trainer for successful women.