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Published by DK

By Jodie Kidd, Amélie Khellaf-Govett

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"'A fad-free plan that's low on sugar and great for weight loss.'"

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About Balance Your Life

Day by day, this six-week integrated eating and fitness programme gives you simple meal plans using everyday ingredients, and on some days a quick basic home exercise routine. Specially devised by French personal trainer and nutritionist Amélie Khellaf-Govett, voted one of London's top fitness coaches by Tatler in 2016 and 2017, it will retrain your body, reset your relationship with food, and help you take control of your life.

Everything is planned for you, right down to the shopping lists. And since it's designed by a Frenchwoman who doesn't believe in "diets", there's no hardship! Amélie's delicious weekly eating plans are accompanied by simple, healthy recipes and her time-efficient home workouts are explained with clear step-by-step photography. Whatever your goals - perhaps to think more clearly, sleep better, tone up, or lose weight - having a training and nutrition plan that you can realistically follow from day to day will help you feel in control of your life, be kinder to yourself and achieve a sense of balance.

Jodie Kidd - seeking greater control over her frenetic life, eating habits, and approach to exercise - proves the effectiveness of Amélie's plan and shares her experiences as she progresses through the six weeks. She found the programme easy to follow, and realistic enough to fit around her busy life as a single mother and pub landlord. You, too will find that this is a self-care programme you can stick to. And when you get to the end of the six-week plan, Amélie's foolproof strategies for moving forward will help you maintain that control over your life.

We all yearn for a calmer, more balanced, healthy lifestyle - Amélie's plan promises this. That's the reason she's London's go-to personal trainer for successful women.