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Published by DK

By Austin Current

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"<b>I highly recommend The Science of Strength Training. It's a comprehensive, actionable, and easy-to-understand handbook for new and experienced weightlifters alike. Worth ten times the price.</b>"

Mike Matthews, author of Bigger Leaner Stronger and Thinner Leaner Stronger

"<b>I am blown away with the quality of this book! From the photos, diagrams, and text. This is truly the resource for both coaches and those trying to understand the science of lifting more. The perfect resource for learning what exercises target what muscles, how to execute them, and how to train for your goals. Austin's book is an incredible resource for anyone interested in fitness and lifting.</b>"

Alyssa Olenick, Ph.D.(c), CISSN, Researcher & Coach

"<b>Austin Current's <i>Science of Strength Training</i> is a great read for both beginners and advanced trainees alike. Far too often people head into the gym without a clear understanding of the physiology behind the process in which they are engaged. Austin does a great job of breaking down the complex science behind weight training while making it understandable for everyone and ensuring practical applications every step of the way. I can't recommend it enough.</b>"

Cliff Wilson, author of Bodybuilding: The Complete Contest Preparation Handbook and 13x World Champion Natural Bodybuilding Coach

"<b>Austin has done an incredible job on putting together the Science of Strength Training. He's found the perfect balance of laying it out in a way that will benefit both the average gym-goer who just loves to train and the more dedicated coach or trainer who has a deeper understanding of the science side of things. I honestly couldn't recommend this book enough, and I will be using it as a reference for both my online and in-person clients and for the coaches and trainers I help out along the way.</b>"

Danny Kennedy, Personal Trainer & Host of The Fitness & Lifestyle Podcast

About Science of Strength Training

Packed with research and exercises that support you to build your strongest body - at home or in the gym.

Is it time to lose weight, tone and sculpt, gain muscle and speed up your metabolism? This book gives you practical advice on how to do just that. It also gives you valuable insight into how nutrition and exercise can improve your health.

Inside the pages of this strength training book, you'll discover:

- The physiology and benefits of strength training
- Workout plans for beginners, enthusiasts, and personal trainers
- The hard dietary science that debunks common myths and important information to properly fuel your body
- Depictions of 33 exercises: how to perfect them, common mistakes, and the benefits of each

In this book, author Austin Current takes readers through the science of strength training, weight loss, nutrition and overall health. The book looks at why many people fear strength training, why they shouldn't, and how they can incorporate it into their daily lives. Filled with CGI artworks and science-backed information, this exercise book will help you transform your body and improve your wellbeing.

This book also includes full workout plans and over 100 individual exercises. You'll learn how your muscles engage at each stage, how to do movements with correct form and how to prevent injury, and shows you different variations for home and gym. This book is also packed with nutritional information and includes dietary advice for vegans and vegetarians.

DK's Science of series dives into the science of various types of exercises such as weight training, running, and yoga. Each book discusses the benefits of the specific type of workout and how you can transform your outlook about health and fitness.

How The Book Works
The first section - human physiology - introduces you to the wonder that is skeletal muscle and the mechanisms that underpin strength training's demands on the body. It will help you understand how muscles work and grow, and how the resistance work stimulates muscles to develop strength and size, alongside its positive impacts on bones and connective tissue. It also explains how the body powers muscular work and shows you how to calculate your own daily macronutrient requirements. Lastly, you're given an overview of the benefits to the brain, and the crucial role it plays in attitude and mental health.

The second section - strength exercises - is devoted to a comprehensive collection of strength training exercises to perform, along with many variations offered to compliment your available training equipment, personal preferences, and level of challenge - at home or in the gym. Each exercise displays the muscles being used throughout the movement with detailed instruction on how to achieve proper form and technique; common mistakes are covered, too.

The third section - preventing injury - explores common injuries related to resistance training, with explanations on how to avoid them and how to return to training if you do suffer an injury. A consistent and structured routine, including a proper warm-up, prepares the body for work, and the various mobility exercises and stretches given will help you tune in to how your body is responding to the training.

The final section - how to train - outlines everything you need to know about the variables of effective strength training, such as training volume and fatigue management. Whether you want to build muscle, strength, or endurance, you'll find an easy-to-follow program to suit, as well as alternatives for those wanting to workout more often. Then programs form the base of your training and can be adjusted in the months and years to come.