New travel books for April, May and June from DK Eyewitness

Spring is finally here! And with it, new books. With restrictions beginning to ease and vaccinations providing optimism for travel plans, here is a selection of new DK Eyewitness titles arriving over the coming weeks…

Ride: Cycle the World

credit: Sanne Vliegenthart
See the world on two wheels and explore the most thrilling on and off-road cycling routes. Whether you're an experienced, ascent-loving road cyclist or are planning your first cycling trip, this stunning guide will help you plan the perfect bicycle tour.

Road Trips Great Britain

credit: Helen Hotson / Dreamstime
Newly reimagined, our Road Trips guides are the perfect way to take the scenic road, featuring tailor-made driving tours with authentic local experiences. With its idyllic market towns, romantic castle ruins and stunning natural landscapes, Great Britain is the perfect destination for a leisurely road trip. It's yours to explore with Road Trips Great Britain, which contains 25 drives across the country, from the sweeping sandy beaches of Cornwall to the dramatic peaks of the Scottish Highlands.
Get your copy from June 17

DK Eyewitness England’s South Coast

credit: David Tonkin / Dreamstime
England's South Coast is awash with natural beauty, from the purple moors of Exmoor to the white cliffs of Dover. Dotted around this picturesque landscape are a vibrant array of cities, too, including historic Canterbury, quirky Bristol, and the arty paradise of St Ives. 

Get your copy from May 13

Road Trips Ireland

credit: Steveheap / Dreamstime
With its unspoiled coastline, dramatic ruins and picturesque villages, Ireland is the perfect destination for a leisurely road trip. It's yours to explore with Road Trips Ireland, which contains 24 amazing drives across the country, from the majestic Ring of Kerry to the extraordinary Giant's Causeway.
Get your copy from June 17

Top 10 Lake District

credit: Matthew Dixon / Dreamstime
England's Lake District, with its unspoiled wilderness, pristine lakes, boulder-strewn fells and tiny villages, has inspired generations of poets, writers and hikers. 

Get your copy from April 22

DK Eyewitness Scotland

credit: John Pavel / Dreamstime
Famed for its majestic mountains, desolate moorlands and shimmering lochs, Scotland's remote and wild regions are an absolute joy for outdoor enthusiasts seeking an escape from city life. Scotland's urban centres have a lot to offer too, from cutting-edge art galleries and world-class museums to a flourishing food scene and a scintillating roster of cultural events, comedy and theatre.

Get your copy from May 13

Also newly available: Top 10 Scotland - available April 22

Top 10 Florence & Tuscany

credit: Gijs Van Ouwerkerk / Dreamstime
Sublime renaissance architecture, exquisite art collections, romantic medieval towns and picturesque rolling hills covered in vineyards, olive groves and cypress trees - Florence and Tuscany has all this and much more to delight every traveller.

Get your copy from May 13

Also newly available: DK Eyewitness Florence & Tuscany - available May 13

DK Eyewitness London

credit: Gary Rayner / Dreamstime
Every corner of this cosmopolitan capital is brimming with personality. Dripping in pomp and tradition, Whitehall and Westminster are best known for their iconic sights and regal architecture. The rolling fields and peaceful woodlands of Hampstead Heath feel a world apart from the futuristic skyscrapers of the financial district of the City. And when the sun sets, Soho bursts into life - the perfect spot for an evening out.

Get your copy from April 22

Also newly available: Top 10 London - available April 22


Top 10 Berlin

credit: Minnystock / Dreamstime
Stroll along Unter den Linden, take in the Baroque gardens of the Schloss Charlottenburg, or visit the cool cafés in Prenzlauer Berg - Berlin has it all.

Get your copy from May 13

Also newly available: DK Eyewitness Berlin - available May 13

DK Eyewitness Amsterdam

credit: Lindrik / Dreamstime
Rich in heritage, Amsterdam's perfectly preserved 17th-century mansions invoke the wealth and majesty of the city's Golden Age. But Amsterdam is much more than it's opulent past. Bubbling with creativity and liberalism, the streets are awash with cutting-edge art, theatre, and food.

Get your copy from May 13

Also newly available: Top 10 Amsterdam  - available May 13

DK Eyewitness Southwest USA & National Parks

credit: Adeliepenguin / Dreamstime
Distinguished by red sandstone mesas, cactus-studded deserts, and towering rock arches, the Southwest USA's dramatic landscapes evoke frontier legends. As rich in history and culture as natural beauty, the region's cities and towns offer endless opportunities to experience the state's multicultural heritage.

Get your copy from May 13

Top 10 Rome

credit: Tomas1111 / Dreamstime
One of the most dynamic cities in the world, Rome is steeped in history and a feast for the eyes, bursting with ancient art, Renaissance architecture and delectable Italian cuisine.

Get your copy from May 13 

Also newly available: DK Eyewitness Rome  - available May 13

DK Eyewitness Ireland

credit: Janmiko1 / Dreamstime
Small but spectacular, the Emerald Isle dazzles from coast to coast. Beloved by Hollywood filmmakers, Ireland's dramatic beauty will be recognizable to visitors as the backdrop of Star Wars and Game of Thrones. The cities, meanwhile, beckon with the promise of cosy pubs and charming locals. And with Belfast and Dublin offering their own unique identities and rich histories, Ireland's two capitals are sure not to disappoint.

Get your copy from May 13

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