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Books to Boost Your New Years Resolutions

Books to Boost Your New Years Resolutions

New Year? New You! No matter your resolution, we’ve got a book that can help get you there. From clean eating to goal-completing, achieve your dreams in 2017 and feel fantastic every step of the way. 

Check out our how-to guides and cookbooks below for the right book to help you reach your goals.

1. If you want to boost your career, improve your confidence and get motivated...

...then you're looking for Success: The Psychology of Achievement. It's a dynamic infographic guide that equips you with the tools you need to drive yourself toward success, whether you're seeking improvement in your career, relationships, or in your overall performance.

Give your confidence a boost, master your resources, and raise your self-awareness with proven psychological strategies and expert advice!

2. If you want to eat clean and get healthy...

...then Super Clean Super Foods is your go-to guide. With 350 easy ways to enjoy 90 nutrient-filled foods for turbocharged meals, it's a unique, comprehensive illustrated guide that explores the incredible health properties of each superfood and even includes tips on how to maximize its health benefits.

From quinoa and chia seeds to spinach and pomegranate, Super Clean Super Foods shows you how to incorporate each food into your everyday dishes. You can even work toward specific goals with food plans to boost energy, have a healthier pregnancy, limit jetlag, reduce aging, and more!

3. If you want to get fit...

...then Partner Workouts is for you (and your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend). It's the first full-color fitness book that teaches you how to actively engage a partner in your workout routine, and features 70 step-by-step exercises.

Forty workouts put these bodyweight exercises, yoga positions, cardio, and more into routines, and three long-term, comprehensive exercise programs provide regimens so you and your partner can motivate each other to achieve your fitness goals!

4. If you want to lose weight...

...then you'll love what these 100 Weight Loss Bowls have got to offer. Every recipe comes in at under 400, 500 or  600 calories, and the book is clearly labeled to allow you to easily build a meal plan that meets your daily targets for gradual and sustained weight loss. The recipes are inspired by the very latest bowl food trends, such as pho, grain, smoothie, rice, poke, acai, and Buddha bowls. And they're are all color-coded with calorie bands, so you can easily find a nutritious, balanced bowl that suits you! 



For more New Years motivation inpiration, check out our full range of Sport and Fitness, Food and Drink and Health and Beauty titles. You'll have all the tips, tricks and info you need to put together your unbeatable New Years toolkit!

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