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Published by DK

Foreword by Dr Becky Smethurst

RRP: $50.00

About Cosmos

Astonishing images bring every corner of the universe, from Mars to the farthest galaxies, to the printed page.

Cosmos is a visually captivating journey through the universe and is as expansive as the cosmos itself. It covers everything from the asteroid belt to deep space probes, the ISS to the Oort Cloud, the Big Bang to the end of the universe, and (just about) everything in between. It presents space as humanity has never seen it before, featuring the latest images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, and a wealth of new pictures that also includes panoramic views of the surface of Mars and images captured by probes that have landed for the first time on comets and asteroids.

Cosmos is a tour through space, starting with the sun and inner solar system then moving through the outer planets and into the Milky Way and finally the realm of distant galaxies. The gorgeous images are supported by illustrations that dissect the image or explain the processes going on, such as star birth or the workings of supermassive black holes. Throughout the book are features on the technology of space exploration, the history of astronomy, and our cultural connection to the night sky. With a clear, stylish, pared-back design, Cosmos is a perfect introduction to the wonders of the universe for young and old astronomers alike. Make time for space time!