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Published by DK

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About Plants and Fungi

Comprehensive, accessible, and lavishly illustrated, this is an essential and timely guide to the world's key plant and fungus species.

Written by specialists, Plants and Fungi is a botanical exploration of the world's most fascinating plant and fungus species, many of which are also highly valued for their ecological, economic, and cultural importance.

Covering all of the main groups—from the fleeting wildflowers that bring life to deserts to the towering giant trees of tropical rainforests, and from the lichens of the Arctic to the cultivated seaweeds of Southeast Asia—the book reveals the spectacular diversity of plants and fungi, the ecosystems they support, their symbiotic relationships, and their use in everything from food to clothing and medicine.

Entries explore how plant and fungus species grow and reproduce, and how they have evolved to adapt to every continent on Earth, even in the harshest of conditions, and celebrate their beauty and diversity.