Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections of Everything

eBook cover of Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections of Everything

Published by DK Children

By Richard Platt

Illustrated by Stephen Biesty

RRP: $8.99

About Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections of Everything

First published 25 years ago, Stephen Biesty's Incredible Cross-Sections series has been updated for the silver anniversary, bringing delight to a whole new generation of fact addicts.

Step inside the detailed world of Stephen Biesty and find out how a wide variety of curious things are made, from tower blocks and underground tunnels; to the milk, chocolate, and donuts on your table; to matches, diamond rings, and sports shoes--not to mention race cars, planes, and rockets.

The incredible illustrations will have children and adults alike poring over every detail, whether it's following the production line of a factory making anything from nails to newspapers or exploring the insides of a Boeing 777 plane or the Saturn V rocket. Taking you through every stage of each process is Chester the Tester, a character who helps explain how things are made, along with his sidekick Hector the Inspector.

This amazing book is also packed with unbelievable information. Did you know that dinosaur skeletons in museums are not real fossils? Or that the Boeing 777 has slam-proof toilet lids so the noise doesn't disturb passengers? Clearly written with humor and fascinating facts to guide you through the intricate illustrations, this book is a glorious way to learn about the world around you.