Story of the Titanic

Story of the Titanic

Published by DK Children

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Book description

This is the tragic story of the Titanic, the grandest and most luxurious ocean liner the world had ever seen, and her devastating maiden voyage in April 1912.

As you follow the pictorial story of this world-famous ship, you will discover how she was built and equipped, what kind of passengers and crew she carried, and how she struck an iceberg and met with disaster.

Peek into the ship and see what life was like on the ocean liner with twelve cutaway illustrations of the voyage. A gallery showcases incredible photographs of the ship, including its construction, its lavish interior, a taste of life on board, and the aftermath of the tragedy. This eBook also includes maps to pinpoint the locations and dates for each part of the Titanic's journey.

Take a closer look at the Titanic's passengers and crew and follow their different fates - from the exciting start of the voyage to its disastrous end - in Story of the Titanic.