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Published by DK Eyewitness Travel

RRP: £18.99

"<i>Where To Go When</i> has singled out the most unforgettable journeys, destinations and festivals for every month of the year, so you know exactly when to set off on your next adventure. Not only that but it's gathered mouth-watering photography that will stir your senses and transport you to faraway lands."

Daily Express

"<i>Where to Go When</i> singles out the most unforgettable trips for every month of the year, so you know exactly when to set off. And you are almost there, thanks to the mouth-watering photography."

Sunday Mirror

"Both inspiring and beautiful."

The Sun

"This gorgeous coffee table book should give you all the inspiration you need."

Sunday Express Magazine

About Where To Go When

Get your passport ready and your holiday planner out! This book has over 100 destinations to choose from, brought to life through stunning photography.

Maybe you want to know the finest place to go to in June, or you want to know the best time of year to witness a natural wonder, enjoy a festival, or go on an action-adventure. This book will help you plan the ultimate experience.

Each month of the year has a dedicated chapter, so you'll know the perfect travel destination for that time of year. Perhaps you are looking for a place to have a June honeymoon, a September wedding anniversary getaway, or a March birthday adventure: there are over 100 destinations listed to spark your vacation dreams.

Discover when to explore Costa Rica's rainforests, journey into the clouds in Nepal, sail between Croatia's cypress-clad islands, or gaze at the saw-toothed crags of Canada's Rocky Mountains. Learn about just the right moment to see the cherry blossoms bloom in Japan, or the reindeer in Lapland. Maybe you want to know when you can visit the Hawaiian island of Kaua'i or the ruins of ancient Lycia all to yourself?

Vibrant photographs bring these destinations a little bit closer to home so you can imagine yourself there. There's a stimulating narrative describing the glorious locations and activities. This coffee table book has tips to help you plan your holiday, with helpful information such as the closest international airports, how to get around, and the average temperature for the month. Just in case you can't make it that month, the book includes another month that is equally pleasant and worthwhile.

Unforgettable trips for every month

This book has everything you need to choose an exciting place to spend your vacation and the best possible time of year to go. You can find the perfect place to visit no matter when you want to travel, so you can create and collect special memories. This book makes a wonderful wedding gift, with many honeymoon ideas.

Let us be your travel guide!
- Holiday destinations, month by month.
- Glorious photos to inspire you.
- Helpful narrative to imagine being there yourself.