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Published by DK Children

RRP: £7.99

"It's brilliant to see a book like this aimed at a young age range and what a super way to encourage discovery."

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"2018 is the year of engineering and this book of fun projects will get little ones exploring."

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About Look I'm an Engineer

This playful preschool activity book for kids will unleash your child's curiosity and creativity as they play their way through 15 super fun STEM projects.

Every project features bright photography and charming illustrations, which support the easy-to-follow instructions. Perfect for ages 3-6, this children's book will excite little ones by revealing the everyday ways they can be an engineer.

Children are born with everything they need to be great engineers - inquisitive minds, unlimited imagination and super senses. With this educational book in hand, little readers are encouraged to use their senses to investigate and discover the world of science and maths while having fun.

This kids book is ridiculously cool and filled with fun experiments you and your kids can do together.

They'll learn how to make the strongest paper bridges, how to power a tugboat with an elastic band, which materials make the best parachutes and much more. These ingenious hands-on activities align with Early Years and KS1 subjects taught at school, including science, maths and technology.

Children have the opportunity to do what they do best with this awesome kids' activity book - imagine, create, learn, problem-solve, and above all, play their way to engineering discovery.

Get Your Engineering Hat Ready!

You were born with everything you need to be an engineer - a brilliant brain and spectacular senses! Get ready to touch, smell, see, hear and taste your way to engineering excellence. Find out how to make a floating rescue raft, what makes a bridge super strong, why paper planes glide and much, much more!

Full of amazing engineering creations for kids to make like:
- A magical woodland den
- A sweet, sweet pyramid
- The coolest paper bridge
- A totally artistic painting pendulum (we're learning gravity here)
- And much more!

Prepare to have all the FUN!

DK's Look! I'm Learning series of exciting and educational STEM books focuses on the sensory experience of practical learning and play and finds the science in everyday activities. Hands-on learning experiences tap straight into kids' insatiable curiosity and sense of wonder.

These books for children are perfect for ages 3 - 6 as they are formatted with a padded cover and toddler-tough pages. The series encourages children to develop independence, and improves their critical thinking, investigation skills and motor skills. Try the other titles in the series next, including Look I'm A Scientist, Look I'm A Maths Wizard, and Look I'm A Cook.