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Published by DK Children

Foreword by Robert Winston, Robert Winston

RRP: £20.00

About Explanatorium of Science

Welcome to the Explanatorium - the only science encyclopedia for children aged 9 and above that you'll ever need, with amazing photography that shows and explains how chemistry, physics, and biology work.

When you open this book it will feel like you've stepped into an exciting, colourful, high-energy lab, where you can see for yourself how science really works! Watch as mixtures merge and matter changes state. Discover how some chemical changes can be reversed, yet others can't, and why some reactions produce a bang! See bacteria at work in the world around us, and even inside the human digestive system. Understand the tricks that light plays and unlock the secrets of electricity to find out how it powers your home.

Whether it's elements, evolution, or energy, the world of science is brought to life by stunning photographic explanations that answer the biggest and smallest questions about our Universe.

Packed full of astounding close-up images, Explanatorium of Science is the ultimate guide to how the world works, explaining every aspect of science from gigantic galaxies to tiny cells and miniscule atoms.