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Published by DK Children

By David Macaulay, Neil Ardley

RRP: £25.00

About The Way Things Work

Get to grips with how things work inside hundreds of machines with this extraordinary book for kids that explains the science behind technologies and inventions.

In this extensive encyclopedia packed full of simple science for kids aged 9+, David Macaulay's beautiful illustrations show the inner workings of each machine, from clocks and watches to jet engines and the Internet.

The Way Things Work explains every machine you've ever wanted to understand, as well as some you've probably never thought about before. From the basic lever to the modern microprocessor, this bestseller has now been completely updated with the latest technologies - find out how a touchscreen works, look inside an optical mouse, and see the inner workings of a smartphone.

This fascinating machines book for children features:

- The inner workings of each machine, showing the technology in detail but making it accessible through Macaulay's uniquely playful illustrations.
- The use of machines in everyday objects explainde, such as clocks, bikes, and watches, as well as the technology behind complicated machines such as space rockets and nuclear reactors.
- Key scientific principles illustrated with Macaulay's brand of dry humour, using lighthearted stories involving mammoths.
- An updated edition with machines and technologies that have become commonplace since the book's last major revision in 2016.

In The Way Things Work Now, David Macaulay explains machines in a way no other illustrator can. Macaulay's inspired illustrations and humorous approach make even the most complex technology fun, fascinating, and accessible for children of all ages.