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Published by DK Children

By Jemma Westing

RRP: £14.99

About Cardboard Activity Lab

Discover plenty of creative crafts you can do using cardboard in this activity book bursting with exciting ideas!

With 25 amazing projects to inspire young creators, this fun activity book encourages children to get creative by transforming everyday materials into incredible objects.

Children aged 9-12 will love getting stuck into exciting projects with Cardboard Activity Lab, which features great photography, succinct step-by-step instructions, and rigorous attention to detail. Young artists, architects, and builders can create fantastic games and toys, with a clear How it Works explanation for each project. From paint and glue to cardboard boxes and tubes, every project is made with affordable and easy-to-find materials.

This fun DIY book for children features:

- A bunch of ideas to encourage creativity in children and develop skills relating to engineering, art and design.
- A number of hands-on activities using easy-to-source materials to reduce household waste.
- Easy-to-follow instructions which helps kids to build new skills.
- Fun craft projects that will encourage readers to think creatively, whether at home or school.

Get crafty with cardboard and create something amazing using everyday materials that can be found around the home or easily sourced. This craft book is full of fun activities that parents and kids can enjoy making together. Using household items, construct an entire city complete with skyscrapers and transport systems, or a sci-fi robot costume for you and your friends!