Baby's First Skills

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Published by DK

By Miriam Stoppard

RRP: £9.99

About Baby's First Skills

Encourage your baby's development and enjoy bonding through learning activities and creative play. Follow the month-by-month progression of your baby's skills and track your child's development from newborn to one year old.

Parenting expert Dr Miriam Stoppard's simple Golden Hour of Play plan provides you with age-appropriate activities for each stage of development that fit into just one hour. There are also suggestions for activities that develop specific areas, such as nursery rhymes, games and how to massage. Her unique at-a-glance Baby Skill Map shows you exactly what skills your baby will be developing when and a month-by-month guide shows you what kind of stimulation is most appropriate for your child at every stage.

Use Baby's First Skills (previous ISBN 9781405335157) and watch your child's development progress as they learn with their favourite playmate - you!