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Published by DK

By Penelope Leach

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About Your Baby and Child

Raise young children with their well-being in mind, gaining the confidence to trust your instincts and live by the baby - not by the book.

In this new edition of the best-selling guide to childcare, Penelope Leach combines her warmth, wisdom and child psychology expertise with new scientific research on the way that infants react to the world around them. Find guidance on sleeping, feeds, washing and playtime, as well as advice on your baby's physical, intellectual and emotional development through each stage of life, from birth to age five.

Learn to respond to your child in a way that will create a happy and harmonious family environment as you communicate and grow together. More than just a guide to childcare, Penelope Leach's supportive approach, anchored in child psychology, is based on the idea that a child's well-being is just as important as any physical need.

Explore pages or parenting tips as you explore:

- A child's journey from the first few days as a newborn right through to the first days of school
- Tips for sleeping, comforting, feeding and teething plus everyday care at each stage
- Ideas for playing, learning, muscle power and making sounds

Penelope Leach is highly regarded as one of the world's leading writers on parenting. In Your Baby and Child, she effortlessly offers practical childcare advice, perfect for a new generation of parents seeking parental guidance from a trusted child development psychologist, in a down-to-earth writing style.