Rise of the Girl

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Published by DK

By Jo Wimble-Groves

RRP: £14.99

About Rise of the Girl

Help your daughter fulfil her potential and achieve success in a challenging world.

Does your beautiful, talented daughter constantly put herself down? Is she stuck in a cycle of comparing herself to others? Is she silent, withdrawn or argumentative when she comes home from school? Would she rather stay alone in her room than join a family day out?

These are all signs that your daughter is struggling to cope with the demands of modern life. By following the advice in this book, you can help her to see how great she is, and how much greater she can become: a confident, resilient girl who is not afraid to aim high, work hard and bounce back.

Inside the pages of this inspirational parenting book, you'll discover:

- Practical advice for parents and carers of girls aged 6-11
- Action plans for 7 key areas of your daughter's social, emotional, and mental health
- Guided dialogues with customisation options to make them age-appropriate
- Practical parenting tips for raising a girl
- Inspirational accounts from famous mums, dads, and daughters

Successful entrepreneur, blogger and mum, Jo Wimble-Groves, identifies the 7 most common issues holding girls back from reaching their full potential - including poor self-esteem, peer pressure and fear of failure. With Jo's guided conversation starters and inspiring accounts from successful personalities, you will empower your daughters to face the challenges of childhood and prepare them for an amazing adulthood, as tomorrow's dreamers, doers and entrepreneurs.