Trusted Advice You and Your Toddler

eBook cover of Trusted Advice You and Your Toddler

Published by DK

By Miriam Stoppard

RRP: £3.99

About Trusted Advice You and Your Toddler

Advice on how to help a toddler reach their full potential

From parenting Guru Dr Miriam Stoppard comes the Trusted Advice series; providing warm and reassuring advice and guidance for every step of the way. With a fresh, contemporary feel and affordable price, these ebooks in PDF format are perfect for reading cover to cover or to dip in and out of for quick reference.

Miriam answers all the questions parents want to ask, her expertise and reassuring advice providing essential information about raising a toddler. From everyday care to nursing your child when he's ill, this book addresses the key developmental stages, both mental and emotional.

Practical and sympathetic guidance on how to deal with tantrums and starting potty training, as well as changes to family life will prove invaluable to new parents - as well as the wide ranging tips on playtime, learning to talk, sleeping and socialisation.