The Essential First Year

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Published by DK

By Penelope Leach

RRP: £14.99

"An essential read for all first time mums."

Pregnancy & Parenting

"For a truly comprehensive guide to navigating the emotional rollercoaster of motherhood, plus a whole host of advice on how to make the most of the magical baby bond, pick up a copy of The Essential First Year, the latest bestselling baby bible from parenting guru, Penelope Leach."

Gurgle Magazine

About The Essential First Year

A new research-based guide to baby-care from the world-renowned authority on child development, Penelope Leach

This outstanding new guide to parenting from the expert who transformed the way we raise children. Penelope Leach draws on her unrivalled experience to help you bring up your baby in the first year.

Kind, reassuring guidance on practical childcare issues including feeding, sleeping and crying is backed up by key new evidence on the way babies' brains develop, to help you understand and respond to your baby.

Penelope Leach's baby-led, reliable approach has guided millions of mothers worldwide. With her frank, honest and sympathetic advice, you will be able to make your own informed decisions about what's best for your child.