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Published by DK

By Caroline Bretherton

RRP: £14.99

"'In her new book, Pasta Reinvented, Catherine Bretherton opens the door to a delicious world beyond traditional wheat- based pasta...With more than 80 recipes, you can enjoy the comfort of favourite and new dishes packed with delicious flavour and healthy goodness.'"


About Pasta Reinvented

Discover how to turn pulses, grains and sea vegetables into pasta dough, spiralized noodles, soups, pasta salads, pasta bowls, and baked pastas.

From nutrient-filled artisan pastas to seaweed noodles, Pasta Reinvented has over 80 protein and fibre-packed recipes that offer exciting flavour combinations as well as being a unique alternative to traditional pasta recipes. Recipes are fully flexible with variations for making gluten-free and vegetarian options, and are complete with delicious pasta sauce suggestions so you can bring the best out of every dish.

Pasta Reinvented is the perfect step-by-step guide to learning healthy pasta recipes that reinvent your favourite dish.