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Published by DK

By Riaz Phillips

RRP: £25.00

"East Winds is Riaz Phillips’s third book and reveals what an outstanding and poetic writer he’s become. He takes us on a culinary and cultural journey through Guyana, Grenada, Trinidad and Tobago and elsewhere. The term “hidden Caribbean” refers not only to the fact the south-eastern islands are overshadowed by Jamaica and the broader Caribbean, but to the myriad identities – Amerindian, west African, Portuguese, Chinese and Indian – that swirl within them and manifest so clearly in their food. The chapter titles – Plant-based, Seeds & Pulses; Nose-to-Tail – feel contemporary, but these are old ways and the chapter on roti is a masterpiece."

The Guardian

"<i>East Winds</i> is a joyous celebration of Trinidadian, Guyanese, Surinamese and Grenadian cultures, traditions and, of course, cuisine."


"You've read Riaz Phillips' brilliant Caribbean tome <i>West Winds, </i>now it's time to delve a little deeper with this second book bursting with recipes based on memories and tales from the lesser-hailed eastern clutch of islands"

ES Magazine

"Riaz Phillips is one of the best writers on Caribbean food, and his new book <i>East Winds,</i> is an eye-opening mouth-watering look at the food of what he calls the hidden Caribbean. It'll take you on a culinary journey."

The Telegraph Magazine

"'An immensely powerful read and a pleasure to cook from'"

Waitrose Magazine



"<i>West Winds: Recipes, History and Tales from Jamaica </i>was one of my favourite books from last year. And <i>East Winds,</i> Phillips’s follow-up, is every bit as good. In it, he charts the foods of the Eastern Caribbean, and immigrant influences from North India, South China, West Africa and Europe. Beautifully written, it’s deeply personal, endlessly enlightening and makes me want to cook things I’ve never tried before."

Mail on Sunday YOU

About East Winds

What's inside: A celebration of the lesser known Caribbean culture, rooted in tales and memories of the history and heritage of the eastern reaches of the Caribbean.

The hidden Caribbean isn't a place but a legacy of the complex history, people and food that exist outside the limelight of Caribbean culture.

East Winds is full of Riaz's award-winning recipes, with food and travel writing interwoven throughout, giving full focus to the both violent and vibrant stories of the indentured Indian and Chinese, Indigenous tribes and African heritage of Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname and beyond. All equally create the kaleidoscope that is Caribbean food today.

Ranging from plant-based to meat and seafood, Riaz offers up not only delicious dishes but also the inseparable stories of people and places. Get to know island favourites like hot doubles, a whole chapter dedicated to roti, a whole list of Caribbean curries and much more. More than a cookbook, with East Winds you'll go on a culinary journey to explore the roots and evolution of the dishes you're cooking.