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Published by DK

By Spasia Pandora Dinkovski

RRP: £22.00

"I love everything about Spasia's endeavours, and this book is an ode to the cuisine of north Macedonia, including burek."

Oliver Magazine

About Doma


Take a mouth-watering trip to the Balkans and celebrate the spirit of North Macedonia with traditional recipes, joyful stories, and a new generation of dishes.

Founder of London-based delivery service and shop Mystic Burek, Spasia Dinkovski is on a mission to bring the rich flavours and traditions of North Macedonia to the masses. With fresh and innovative recipes for unmissable dishes, Doma playfully experiments with traditional flavours, whilst forging a unique and modern take on the food of this hereto unexplored region. Alongside moreish recipes are poignant food stories from across the country offering a unique snapshot into the region's vibrant culinary and cultural history, and vivid imagery of modern-day North Macedonia. The food of the Balkans features flavours and textures that tantalise every palette - from sweet and salty pickles and crisp salads, to deliciously savoury, flaky pastries, rich winter warmers, and indulgent desserts. Unlock the flavours of this evocative corner of Southeastern Europe with this authentic and contemporary regional cookbook from one of the rising stars of Balkan cooking.