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Published by DK

By Andi Oliver

Read by Andi Oliver

RRP: £27.00

"Andi Oliver shares the glorious diversity of Caribbean food"


"Andi Oliver's debut cookbook is brimming with the delicious Caribbean flavours she is renowned for celebrating, incorporating her travels in Antigua to create a unique, excuberant culinary experience."

Liz Earle Wellbeing

"Not just a cookbook - it's an exploration of heritage and identity, in which mouthwatering recipes for fried dumplings, shrimp fritters, chocolate goat curry and ackee, callaloo and saltfish are interspersed with essays and diary entries from Andi's extended stay in her ancestral home of Antigua."

Waitrose Weekend

"Passionate, autobiographical and rammed with Oliver's infectious personality. I defy anyone not to love it."

Financial Times - Best Summer Books of 2023

About The Pepperpot Diaries

The ingredients we use in Caribbean cookery tell a story - and it's a huge swirling tale...

The Pepperpot Diaries is Andi Oliver's long-awaited first cookbook. Showcasing both traditional and new recipes, cherished ingredients and vibrant flavours from across the Caribbean, let Andi Oliver take you on an exploration of identity and heritage as she shows you how to create simple yet sensational dishes that will bring the unbeatable flavours of Caribbean cooking to your table.

The story of food captured in this book will take readers on a journey around the melting pot of cultural influences, history and heritage that has uniquely shaped traditional and contemporary Caribbean cuisine. Through her travels in Antigua, Andi shares her deeply personal journey on reconnecting with the food she grew up eating - the flavours and ingredients that run through her heart and soul - and what the future might hold for Caribbean cookery. This book explores who we were, who we are, and where we're going - all through the food we eat and the people we meet along the way.