Sex Ed

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Published by DK

By Laura Berman

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About Sex Ed

Often touched on only lightly in schools, sexual knowledge is one of the most important parts of your child's education, but it can be difficult to discuss. Having the right tools - easy-to-explain information, the critical questions to ask, good timing, and a sense of humour - can turn it into a rewarding, relationship-strengthening experience.

Renowned therapist Dr Laura Berman has more than twenty years of experience explaining and promoting sexual knowledge. Here, she gives all the information you need to give your child a healthy sexual understanding and outlook from infancy through the teenage years. Learn how to anticipate and address issues such as gender differences, body image, media influences and relationships with the opposite sex.

Interactive elements make this an even greater resource. Educational worksheets will help you to clarify your own beliefs before they come up. Q&As allow for planning and initiating discussion. Plus, mini-role play scenarios will show you how to fit discussion naturally into conversation.