It Can't Be True! Animals!

eBook cover of It Can't Be True! Animals!

Published by DK Children

RRP: $8.99

About It Can't Be True! Animals!

Packed with mind-blowing facts and awesome illustrations, this brilliant book explores the weird and wonderful world of animals.

Next in the It Can't Be True! series, this book focuses exclusively on the animal kingdom, from the slow-motion sloth to the super-speedy cheetah. But It Can't Be True! Animals doesn't just give you unbelievable record-breaking facts; it also shows you what the numbers mean using illustrations that compare the extraordinary with the more familiar. You'll see the largest living animal--the blue whale--on one side of the scales, balancing 32 Asian elephants on the other. And the quantity of sugary nectar a hummingbird needs to sip each day to keep its wings beating--that's the same as 2,880 cans of soda for a human! "But it can't be true!" you say. Yes, it really is!

With six chapters covering the main animal groups--invertebrates, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals--It Can't Be True! Animals is an encyclopedia of eye-popping pictures and truly incredible facts and figures. It's the perfect book for children who are curious about the animals of the world, nature, and our environment.