Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing

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Published by DK Children

By Kate Sheehy

RRP: $14.99

About Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing

Bob and Ginger are stargazing — come along to find out all about the fascinating night sky in this early reading book! 

Two cute guinea pigs want to learn about the stars and space. So they set off on an adventure to learn about the stars, space and constellations — and to stargaze away from the big city lights!

Guinea Pigs Go Stargazing
is a bright-colored illustrated children’s storybook for young readers ages 3-5. It includes:

   • A humorous and engaging story.
   • Adorable guinea pig characters with vivid personalities.
   • Colorful illustrations that bring the night sky to life.
   • Soft STEM — features information about where stars come from, and why they are so important.

This children’s book encourages children to spend more time looking at the stars and connecting with nature! Little ones will love following Bob and Ginger on their adventures to the library to learn all about stars and space. 

This sweet storybook about guinea pigs is perfect for childhood education and early reading. It features simple-to-read text and charming illustrations by author Kate Sheehy. This story about space gently introduces young children to the basics of astronomy: How stars are formed, explanations of meteoroids, planets, the Milky Way and so much more.

The Guinea Pigs Go series takes children on adventures through nature! From Earth to space, they will love to learn about what makes our planet and others so fascinating. Look out for more titles in the series including Guinea Pigs Go Gardening.