1000 Great Everyday Wines

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About 1000 Great Everyday Wines

We live in a time when it is possible to enjoy excellent wine without spending a fortune. Whatever your preferred style, there is superb value to be found if you know what to look for. This new guide to the best everyday wines tells you everything you need to know for buying and enjoying wine at an affordable price, meaning you need never overspend on an average bottle again. When we say "everyday wines", we are talking about wines from the great wineries of the world that cost much less than those properties' flagship wines. Wines that a person of above average income could conceivably afford to drink two-to-three times per week. These should be wines with personality, definitely more sophisticated and authentic than, say Two-Buck Chuck or a generic Merlot from Languedoc. They should show regional characters, be labeled perhaps Haut Medoc and not Bordeaux, Monterrey County and not California, Barossa Valley rather than general Southeast Australia, etc. First and foremost, this book contains lots and lots of recommendations. A new generation of wine writers from around the world have looked in detail at the region(s) they know best and between them have picked out over a thousand superb, yet affordable, wines in every style. For most entries, a bottle or label image appears alongside the text to make it quick and easy to spot these recommended wines on a crowded liquor store or supermarket shelf. Beyond these listings of wines and producers is a wealth of information to expand your knowledge and understanding of the world of wine. A series of feature spreads looks at the most significant varietals, explaining their particular characteristics, detailing where the best Old and New World examples come from, and suggesting foods they work well with. A further series of features focuses on the enjoyment of wine, dispensing practical advice on how to get the most from the experience: subjects include hosting a wine tasting, storing wine, and navigating the wine list in a restaurant. Compiled with as much care and attention to detail as any book on fine wine, 1,000 Great Everyday Wines is the only choice for the budding wine enthusiast who cares about getting great value for money.