Steve the Bartender's Cocktail Guide

Hardback cover of Steve the Bartender's Cocktail Guide

Published by DK

By Steven Roennfeldt

RRP: $25.99

About Steve the Bartender's Cocktail Guide

Pour yourself the perfect drink-or make a round for your guests.

Making drinks at home has never been easier. In this guide to the perennial favorites and forgotten classics, YouTube's favorite Aussie mixologist Steve the Bartender shows you how to craft cocktails with ease. Approachable and unpretentious instructions ensure that every drink is simple and delicious.
- Guidance on building a home bar, from the essential spirits to mixing equipment and glassware
- 125 curated drink recipes for every occasion, from Manhattans to Mai Tais.
- Photographs of every recipe and integrated QR codes linking to videos of Steve preparing each drink.