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Published by DK

By Georgi Radev

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About Let's Get Tropical

Planning the ultimate summer cocktail party? Dreaming of unwinding on a hot, tropical beach with a cool drink? Bring a taste of the tropics to your home with Let's Get Tropical.

Celebrate summer with more than 50 fabulously fruity tropical drinks from Tiki Mai Tais to Cuban Mojitos. Discover the origins of these classic cocktail recipes and get the lowdown on rum, tequila, and other popular island spirits. If you need a break from the alcohol, many recipes feature a "lose the booze" option with all of the fruity flavor but none of the hangover.

Learn how to mix your drinks like a pro, make delicious homemade syrups and infusions, and create your own flavor combinations. Featuring fun presentation ideas and twists on the classics, get creative and serve your guests a cocktail they will remember--if they haven't had too many Pina Coladas!