How to...Ballet

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Published by DK Children

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About How to...Ballet

If you have ever dreamt about becoming a prima ballerina, then this is the perfect book to set you on a course for stardom. How to...Ballet talks you through warming-up and shows how important it is to keep ballet-fit and flexible. It introduces the studio and shows you how to use the barre in easy step-by-step instructions. From basic exercises, the book takes you through to more advanced arabesques, pirouettes, leaps, and jumps.

How to...Ballet shows you how to look the part, with useful advice from the professionals, and an illustrated, step-by-step guide to ballet-perfect hair. You'll soon know adage from allegro and a grand plié from a grande jeté with How to...Ballet, which introduces the language of dance and makes it easy to understand and remember.

How to...Ballet ends with a section on life in ballet, from performing on stage to working behind-the-scenes. It shows how dancers work with choreographers, composers and costume makers to bring the magic of ballet to life. The book profiles the brilliant stars of ballet - from the Ballet Russe to the Ballet Boyz-and looks at how they got dancing. We also get to know the famous ballet stories and attend a grand ballet show in the finale.