Animals Alive

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Published by DK Children

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About Animals Alive

What will life on Earth be like in one hundred years? Which species will go extinct and what new species will we discover? From the fantastical to the practical, Animals Alive looks at the possibility of re-creating extinct animals and provides information on what you can do to help keep animals alive.

Animals Alive is an exciting exploration of animal life through the ages. Earth was once home to some very strange species, from a giant sloth the size of an African elephant, to the woolly mammoth and saber-toothed tiger. But why are they not alive today? The concept of extinction is explained, with a look at the death of the dinosaurs and the other major extinction events. We meet some of the "fossil species" that have outlived the dinosaurs and look at why they are so successful, as well as some of the animals pushed to extinction by people.

Looking to the present, Animals Alive celebrates the diversity of life on Earth today. Animal profiles are packed with photos and include key facts, distribution data, and awe-inspiring information. Learn about the amazing long-distance flights of the wandering albatross, find out how the great white shark uses electricity to track down prey, and witness the extraordinary migration of the monarch butterflies.