Great Beers

eBook cover of Great Beers

Published by DK

By Tim Hampson

RRP: $9.99

About Great Beers

This is a book for the drinker who doesn't want to limit him- or herself to just one type of beer. With this book you can experience the best of all worlds: bitters, lagers, Belgian beers, weissbiers, stouts, porters, fruit beers, real ales - Great Beer features them all, introducing the best examples of each, to get you enjoying beer as never before. Drawing on material from The Beer Book archives, Great Beer features more than 700 beers from 350 breweries worldwide, hand-picked by a team of local experts. Brewery details, potted histories, recommendations and tasting details are present throughout the book. By working this content into a compact paperback format, DK have created the ideal beer guide to take on your travels, whether it be to Munich, Prague, or your local pub or bar.