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Published by DK

RRP: $22.95

"Whether readers are interested in bugs in the backyard or biomes, The Practical Naturalist-equal parts field guide, how-to book and family reference-makes very practical an inquiry into the nature of all things natural."


"The perfect gift for young scientists whose parents hate bugs and wouldn't dare encourage such a hobby, but who look to you for gross things with which to annoy their moms and dads."

"[P]erfect for older kids and parents, this 256-page paperback is packed with good information for any budding naturalist."

Chicago Tribune (distributed worldwide via McClatchy-Tribune)

"The Practical Naturalist is a stunning photographic compendium of species and places from ice cap to rain forest, grassland, forest, desert, and mountaintop...this volume gives you the world in about 250 pages, without a single unappealing page on the whole journey. 2-star review (highest rating)."

Science Books & Films

"This is a beautiful guide to the natural world produced in collaboration with Audubon and containing hundreds of pictures of rare and common creatures. The soft cover means it is light enough to take with you when you travel."

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

About The Practical Naturalist

Whether the natural world is at your doorstep, in the heart of a concrete jungle, by the sea, or in a cabin in the woods, The Practical Naturalist gets readers outdoors and shows how to experience the wonders of the world, and shows what is living in each habitat.

Inspirational, informative, and educational, The Practical Naturalist is perfect for families interested in learning more about their surroundings and looking at their world in a brand new light.